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Signs That You Need To Hire A Professional Roofing Contractor

According to home inspectors, issues in the roofing are one of the common issues they find in older homes and establishments. There are 2 known reasons for this trend actually, the first being the structures tend to wear out in 20 years time, which is the same amount of time as well in raising a family prior to relocation. The second reason behind is that, when the structure fails, there are lots of homeowners who commit the mistake of ignoring minor problems they see. With this being said, here are the top reasons to why you should call a professional roofing contractor whenever you notice some problems in your roofing.

Number 1. Water leaks – contrary to what people believe, putting a pan or pot under leaks isn’t the best way of dealing with water intrusion. Actually, too many homeowners are ignoring minor leaks as they occur during heavy rain only. But the truth is, water intrusion can cause serious problems even when it is not raining. The reason for this is that, such environment greatly attracts mildew and mold and may seek out leaks after rainwater resides.

Their growth in these areas are not just capable of damaging the structure but also, they can even put the health of your family at risk. As for those who have respirator problems, they can have serious allergic reactions as they inhale the mold spores. As you decide to work with experienced contractor, they can be of help in repairing these minor leaks reasonably and effectively.

Number 2. Damaged/missing shingles – sturdy structure may be, the roof won’t last long without proper protection that is provided by shingles. The shingles might have a lifespan of 20 years or even more, depending on the materials that are used. Expect the shingles to degrade, crack and even fail in vulnerable areas as it goes beyond that point. And because of increased sun exposure, the shingles that are installed on southern face of the structure typically expire before the ones that are installed in other areas. It is best that you have it inspected by experts every few years to be able to avoid expensive replacement or repair fees.

Number 3. Worn flashing – waterproof materials referred as flashing are used to protect the vulnerable areas from the intrusion of water, whenever something protrudes from roofline like vent stack, chimney etc. On the other hand, the spots will be left unprotected as the flashing will wear away as time goes by. According to expert roofing contractors, the flashing has to be inspected at least every 5 years in an effort to prevent leaks from taking place.

Take note of these reasons as this can help a lot in determining whether you have to call a professional roofing contractor or not.
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